Miguel Ojeda

Software Engineer


  • Usage of the Transverse Damper Observation Box for High Sampling Rate Transverse Position Data in the LHC, IPAC 2017Paper
  • Online Bunch by Bunch Transverse Instability Detection in LHC, IPAC 2017Paper
  • ADT and ObsBox in 2016, Evian 2017Paper, Slides
  • Instability Diagnostics, Evian 2016Paper, Slides
  • LHC Transverse Feedback, Evian 2016Paper
  • Processing High-Bandwidth Bunch-by-Bunch Observation Data from the RF and Transverse Damper Systems of the LHC, ICALEPCS 2015Paper
  • Multi-threaded Object Streaming, CHEP 2015Paper
  • The Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) Condition Database System, CHEP 2015Paper
  • A tool for management and automated deployment of the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) web services, IEEE NSS/MIC 2013Paper

Profiles: InspireHEP, ORCID


  • ObsBox: A Linux-based real-time system for LHC Beam Monitoring, Kernel Recipes 2018Web, Slides
  • Writing robust C++ code for critical applications, Developers@CERN 2015Web, Slides
  • Working in international organizations such as CERN, University of Valladolid 2014Web
  • Git Course, CERN 2014

ISO C and ISO C++

Linux Kernel

  • Compiler Attributes maintainer — Tree
  • drivers/auxdisplay maintainer — Tree
  • .clang-format maintainer — Tree